Dr Simon Nothling

BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons I), FRANZCO

Speciality: Ophthalmologist
Phone: (02) 9063 7585
Email: wds@montserrat.com.au

Dr Simon Nothling specialises in Medical Retina and Uveitis. He graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2001 with First Class Honours. Prior to his Ophthalmology training, he worked for 4-5 years as a Medical Senior House Officer in Australia and the United Kingdom in various medical specialties, such as Rheumatology and Neurology.

He began his general Ophthalmic training in 2009 at Sydney Eye Hospital, which lasted 4.5 years. After his training in Sydney, he then undertook a Medical Retina and Uveitis fellowship at the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. This fellowship lasted 12 months during 2013/14. At Moorfields, he gained considerable experience managing medical retinal conditions such as Age Related Macula Degeneration, Retinal Vein Occlusions and Diabetic Retinopathy, as well as Uveitic and inflammatory conditions of the eye. Simon has also been involved in various large international ophthalmic trials during his time at Moorfields.

Simon worked for several years as a Senior House Officer in Neurology and NeuroOphthalmology in the UK prior to his Ophthalmic training. He has a passion for rural Ophthalmology and also works as a Visiting Medical Officer at Broken Hill Hospital, where he is a cataract surgeon and medical retina specialist.

Dr Nothling’s areas of interest include:

• Macular Degeneration
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Uveitis
• Retinal Vascular disease
• Cataracts
• General ophthalmology

Dr Simon Nothling
Dr Kenneth Ooi

MBBS (Adel), MSurg (Ophth), FRANZCO

Speciality: Ophthalmologist
Phone: (02) 9063 7585
Email: wds@montserrat.com.au

Dr Kenneth Ooi is a consultant general ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon with an interest in the ocular surface and ocular inflammation including dry eye inflammatory states.

He has completed his fellowship exam with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists through Prince of Wales and a Master of Surgery (Ophthalmology) with University College London and the University of Adelaide. He undertook clinical research fellowships in cornea at the Prince of Wales and Sydney Eye Hospitals in Sydney and in uveitis at Moorfields Eye Hospital and the Institute of Ophthalmology in London.

Dr Ooi is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Save Sight Institute, Sydney Eye Hospital Campus and is a Conjoint Lecturer at the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW. He holds an international patent for a novel dry eye drop – Topical Atorvastatin for Blepharitis and Dry Eyes and is currently conducting dry eye research through the Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney. He is competent in customised refractive cataract surgery, pterygium surgery, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, glaucoma laser surgery and vitreous floaters laser surgery as well as intravitreal injections for diabetes and macular degeneration.

Dr Kenneth Ooi
Dr Ilan Sebban

MB, BS (Hons), M Med Sc (Opthal), FRANZCO, FRACS

Speciality: Ophthalmologist/Eye Surgeon
Phone: 1300 128 114
Email: wds@montserrat.com.au

Dr Ilan Sebban is a highly skilled cataract and visual correction surgeon. With
over 20 years’ experience, he has trained ophthalmologists in refractive eye
surgery both in Australia and overseas.
Having graduated with honours from the University of Queensland he also
completed specialist training in Ophthalmology at the Princess Alexandra
Hospital in Brisbane.

Dr Ilan Sebban is a Fellow of both the Australian and New Zealand College of
Ophthalmologists and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of
Surgeons, a founding member of the Australian Society of Cataract and
Refractive Surgeons, and a member of the European Society of Cataract and
Refractive Surgery.

Dr Illan has a special interest in:
• Refractive Surgery
• Cataract surgery
• Laser-assisted cataract surgery

He is currently a Member of the Australasian Society of Cataract and
Refractive Surgeons, and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Retinal

Dr Sebban is committed to improving the quality of eye health within the

Dr Sebban consults at Sydney Eye Clinic in Warringah and Darlinghurst and
operates at Warringah Day Surgery. He does refractive laser surgery at
Sydney Day Surgery in Darlinghurst.

Dr Ilan Sebban
Dr Edwin Figueira

MBBS, MSc (Ophthalmic Pathology), MS (Ophthalmology), FRANZCO

Speciality: Oculoplastic, Lacrimal & Orbital Surgeon & General Ophthalmologist
Phone: (02) 9063 7585
Email: wds@montserrat.com.au

Dr Edwin Figueira is an Oculoplastic, Lacrimal (Tear duct) and Orbital surgeon. He completed his Australian ophthalmology training at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.

Dr Edwin Figueira went on to sub-specialise in Oculoplastic (Eyelid/ eyelid tumours/ Thyroid eye disease) surgery, tear duct surgery (endoscopic lacrimal surgery) and Orbital (eye socket) surgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Dr Figueira has extensive subspecialty expertise in minimal incision eyelid surgery, endoscopic tear duct surgery and endoscopic orbital surgery.

He has published widely in peer reviewed medical journals in the field of oculoplastics. He has presented various internationally collaborated studies on the eyelid and orbital and tear duct conditions in Australian and International Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastic surgical conferences. Dr Figueira has numerous first author publications in a range of internationally renowned Ophthalmology journals. Dr Figueira consults at our Penrith and Castle Hill rooms.

Dr Edwin Figueira